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MY CAREER EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT. LTD." a company registered in "INDUSTRY, COMMERCE AND SUPPLY MINISTRY” in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our Company was established in July, 2006. Since the establishment of our company “MCEC" , we have successfully send thousands of Nepali students and clients for their higher studies and visit propose in different countries across the globe.

, guides the students/businessman who wants to go abroad for academic/business purposes. So they can get admissions in authentic Colleges, Universities and Business, immigration from last 7 years, MY CAREER EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANCY PVT., LTD., have sent lot of students to notable Institutions across the globe, and settled the No’s of families in Europe. And those students/ are still studying/working there and are bringing credit to the name of their country.

MCEC, have always tried to guide its Students in a better way to chose excellent Colleges, Universities MCEC, is one of the leading and professional student consultant team who are committed to offer the students the best opportunities of higher study around the globe and assist them by giving proper advice and guidance with our proficient members and experiences of consultancy in the education field.

MCEC are maintaining a high standard of evaluation process to choose the right education track for the students according to their interest and the capability. Moreover the merit, determination and the creativity is considering with priority for better engagement in world class and highly trusted institutes from home and abroad to be a leader in the battle of future. We have talent and active group of assistant who are conscious and committed to provide them proper way.

Furthermore, At present we are working as authorized representative of different institutes of NEW ZEALAND, UK , AUSTRALIA, POLAND, HUNGARY, LITHUNIA and many more

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